I spend most of my days scouting the internet for the most unique kitchen and entertaining products for a variety of outlets. I’ve had a long standing relationship with Google Image Search to find these treasures…in fact, I’ve always turned to them in those moments of  crazy niche or randomly themed design round-up needs…until now. Bing has put me up to the challenge this festive season and has asked me  to only use their image search tools while curating my holiday gift guides.

Unwanted change!? Unexpected drama?! Additional Christmas anxiety!?

None of the above.

Upon my initial experience, I was able to find products easier, quicker and organize my search preferences narrower than ever before. Christmas has arrived early and I’m up to my eyeballs in thumbnails and source links! In fact, I’m not alone… Most people choose Bing 2 to 1 when asked to try out the engine against Google in blind comparison tests.

Not convinced? Why don’t you put on those boxing gloves and go a round yourself.

Over the next two weeks I’ll be bringing you a range of holiday gift ideas for everyone on your shopping list. Does your boyfriend/husband/brother/neighbor want to up his butchering or knife skills game? I’ve got you covered. Were you looking for the most awesome kitchen play-set for your niece…or your own inner child? Let’s get cooking…because I found it! Or maybe you’re just hunting for the perfect hostess gift and want something a little out of the ordinary for one of your besties…done and done.

Let’s go shopping together this season!! I promise it will be more fun than your upcoming office holiday party where John John, yet again, get’s some dancing feet after one too many sugar cookies. Waaaayy more fun…and way less awkward.

Come back this week for holiday gifts, bites and Fa la la laaaaaa Fabulousness! Gosh I love this time of year. ox


So did you take the Bing It On Challenge? Let me know which search you prefer below!


This post is sponsored by bing.  Opinions are always my own.