Is there anything more comforting than soup this time of year? Okay maybe mac & cheese and a costco sized pie come in at a close second, but one thing is certain – nothing is more awkward than eating soup in mixed company…

Specifically Phở. On a first date.

Slurpage, long noodles and composed grace do not co-exist in this world. Nor does “easy” exist when it comes to eating soup while standing up at an over-crowded holiday party trying to balance a cocktail in the other hand. Dribble on your dress much?

I digress.

Let’s talk simple solutions. Let’s talk soup shooters! Yes theses mini versions are cute, but they are also mess-free and a perfect way to introduce complex or intense flavors in little doses. The internet is weighed down with recipes that will satiate your holiday ho-downing, but this year you  might want to try something a little spicier…or a lot spicier depending how many peppers you toss in.

Who ever decided to thoss chipotle peppers and adobo sauce into a pumpkin soup is officially my new best friend. Spicy squash soups have become a holiday tradition with my family over the years and this new soup spin was quickly added to the repeat list after a Thanksgiving test drive. Serve it along side some  zippy endive cups filled with pears and goat cheese you’ve got a dynamic duo that will not only please your guest’s bellies but also cut out any consumption challenges or emergency rug clean ups.


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