My childhood Christmas has a hundred fond moments but one memory is an absolute nostalgic stand out: the annual unpacking of the German nativity tower, the excitement of seeing it lit up and quickly spinning in motion… and then hearing (for the umpteenth time) some ridiculous tale about my mother falling in love with said nativity while scoping it  on super-sale at a suburban Detroit department store, sending my dad back to purchase the last one in the wee hours of some black Friday type panic-spree to.

Never the less, my dad won that shopping battle with minimal wounds and it spins proudly on their table to this day.

The tradition of a Christmas nativity centerpiece has stuck with me over the years and become an integral part of  my holiday tabletop decor. It’s a reminder of what this annual celebration is all about. A lovely moment to take a quiet moment and be thankful.

These days the nativity design options span wide. Whether you want to display traditional folk art, colorfully hand painted miniatures, modern Scandinavian collectibles or just take it into your own DIY ways – aka: transforming your terrarium or spray painting some vintage plastic in neon and gold (both genius!) – here are my top nativity picks to get your dinner table into the spirit without any  of those unexpected midnight mall brawls.


May your Christmas (and table) be merry and bright!


{Nativity Sets from Top} // Spinning Table Nativity By Seiffener Hof // Hand Painted Wood Nativity Set by Goose Grease // Alexander Girard Nativity Set // Porceline Palle Presepe Nativity by Marcello Jori // Kids Wood Nativity Block By graphicspaceswood  // Neon & Gold Spray Painted Vintage Nativity Set by NashPop  // Terrarium Nativity DIY by Simply Put  // Swedish Wooden Christmas Nativity Set