I’m a lady who has trouble knowing what to get other ladies. It should be a no brainer right? I mean…just buy something that you’d want for yourself? Err, nope…and here I thought men were this stress inducers. Maybe it’s because us gals are ALL SO CRAZY DIFFERENT. Moms, sisters, girlfriends, wives…they might all be in our lives but they do not all want the same thing.

Thankfully I’ve got Bing on my side this holiday to help search out the best gifts for every fine female your my list. Looking for something bight for tonight’s dinner party hostess? Bang! Is your sister interested in becoming an urban beekeeper? Boom! Perhaps your mother needs to re-caffeinate her daily tea sesh?

Bing! Bing! Bing!

I’ve got you covered this season and found some of the best looking kitchen and entertaining gifts to surprise  all the ladies in your life.

Get ready for a visual hug… let’s shop till we drop!

If a lovely woman takes the time to make you instagram worthy appetizers, pour you that extra glass of wine and force dessert on you… she most definitely deserves a hostess gift as a symbol of your appreciation. Take this opportunity to get wild with your purchase choice. Pick out something brite and flashy…something she would never buy for herself (but really was looking for an excuse to). Any one of these will guarantee you another seat at her next dinner party.

Colorful Gifts For The Hostess: {one} The Beater Whisk By Ding3000 // {two} Ideal Bookshelf 506: Cooking Art Print By Jane Mount // {three} Agate Coasters // {four} Baking Gift Set by Joseph Joseph! // {five} Off Pitcher And Cup Esque Studio  {six} Handpainted Side Plates Designed By Gail Bryson // {seven} Opinel Colored Knife Set  // {eight} Kaleido Trays Designed by Clara von Zweigbergk

Let’s here it for the girl who likes to roll up her sleeves, puts in the extra effort and is always on top of her haute homestead taking up the latest hobby trends. Perhaps it’s time to gift her with a challenge? Perhaps 2013 will be her year to perfect cheese making, dabble in aquaponics  AND own the first digital recipe tablet. Be warned – gifts this awesome might be hard to top in subsequent years… Just sayin’.

Urban Homestead Gifts For The Modern Maven: {one} Beehause Beekeeping Kit by Omlet  //{two} Home Aquaponics Kit: Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food  // {three} DIY Goat Cheese Kit by Belle Chevre // {four} Urban Homestead, A Guide To Self-Sufficient Living // {five} Austrian Garden Tools  By PKS  {six} Chef’n® Ceramic Countertop Compost Bin {seven} QOOQ Culinary Tablet // {eight} ECOBAGS®Reusable Produce Bags  // {nine} Kombucha & Swedish Rye Sourdough Starter Kits By Cultures For Health

What gal doesn’t love a good cup of tea? It’s that moment first thing in the morning or during an afternoon slump  which allows a little peace and warmth. There’s something to the ritual..there is also something to taking it a little more seriously. And by seriously, it’s time to toss out those Lipton sad sacks and invest in some elegance. Package any of these beauties together in a box and you’re spreading some major holiday cheer. Pinkies up!

Gifts For Tea Time: {one} Handmade Deer Mug By Blue Witch  // {two} Savannah Bee Company Honey Gift Set For Le Creuset  // {three} Staub La Theiere Round Tea Pot  // {four}  Tea Matter Melodic Tea Strainer by Alan Chan // {five} Covo Venie Tea Holder  // {six} “Take Me To Australia” Tea By T2 Tea  // {seven} 2013 Calendar Tea Towel By Avril Loreti // {eight} Tea Teaegg By Makers  // {nine} Mulling Spice Sachet

They say diamonds are a girls best friend…but in the kitchen it’s all about gold baby! Talk about taking an every day object and spinning it on its luxurious head. Regular reusable shopping tote? Not for this dame! She is one fancy pants of a woman and willing to go the extra mile by spraying down her farmer’s market produce with edible gold. She is something special and deserves nothing but the glitz.

Gold Dipped Gifts For Your Gilded Girl: {one} Gold Flatware Set by West Elm // {two} Anchors Aweigh Mug By Imm Living  // {three} Gold Cowhide Coasters  // {four} Gold Leaf Wood Bowl By Diane von Furstenberg  //  {five} Gold Cobbler Shaker By Yukiwa  // {six} Kelly Wearstler Splash Plate  // {seven} Baggu Leather Shopping Bag  // {eight} Gnome Cookie Jar By Michele Varian  // {nine} Esslack Edible Gold Spray Paint By The Deli Garage  // {ten} Midas Collection Bare ware By DWR


Whew! That’s a whole lotta gifts. I would gladly accept all of the above. What about you? Have your shopping tasks gotten a little easier? Ladies might always be impossible to understand…but at least now you’re well on your way avoiding any gifting complexities.


Have you taken the Bing It On Challenge Yet? You might be surprised which search engine you prefer to use  for some online shopping of your own….
For this post I used Bing’s image search tools to find the best gifts for every dame on your holiday list.
This post is sponsored by bing.  Opinions are always my own.