How is Christmas only a week away!? How is it that every year the season sneaks up on us even when we’ve started planning (at least what was thought to be) earlier than usual?! Bah!!

Santa – you are a winter ninja!

As you may know, my holiday gift hunt was challenged this year by using the Bing image and web search tools as my Noel navigation system. Change can seem intimidating when set in our digital ways, but  after taking the Bing It On Challenge I was surprised  that I really did prefer Bing over Google.  It’s helped me conqueror the online shopping madness this season by neatly narrowing down image, key words and leading me to my favorite kitchen and entertaining food gifts for everyone on your list…not to mention I haven’t had to step food into a mall yet.


That’s right, a search engine was my Christmas elf… and it’s been magical.

Weather you’re scrambling to please the little ones in your family immediately, or are thinking of spoiling some in the future…or just feel like a kid at heart – I’ve put together some of my favorite food-inspired gifts for all those adventurous budding mini-chefs on your to-shop list.

Don’t worry, I didn’t leave out those fuzzy four legged pet babies either.

Who doesn’t want to be the next Iron Chef MacGyver? Explosive food-based science experiments also included in this funfare (Marcel, I’m nodding at you here….hive fives and all). Ignite those adventurous foodie-fawns with a gift of edible experimentation. Adventurous appetizers anyone?! These gifts are perfect for the curious, the young DIY-er or anyone who’s just ready to take off on a little cooking adventure of wonderment in the name of Alton Brown.

Gifts For The Young Kitchen Scientist: {one} Back To The Roots Mushroom Growing Kit 
{two} Edible Chemistry Kit // {three} Anorak Magazine – Food Edition // {four} Math Chef Cooking & Kitchen Activity Book // {five} Hot Chocolate On A Stick Kit // {six} MUGZ Personal Instant Ice Cream Maker  // {seven} Tasty Science Explorer Kit  // {eight} Brew Your Own Gingerale Kit by Copernicus 
{nine} 4M Kidz Labs Kitchen Science Kit  // {ten} Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit  // {eleven} Old Fashioned Rock Candy Kit

Never trust anyone who doesn’t want to play with their food. White table cloth? 13 piece formal dinner set? Nope! Not for this developing diner. Encourage lighthearted culinary crusades with organic, recycled, wooden or just straight up quirky toy treats as an investment to their foodtastic future. These playtime classics have been updated with a modern and colorful twist making playtime even that more delicious. Burger yo-yos for all!!

No for real. I just ordered 3 dozen…

Food-Inspired Games & Toys: {one} Seedling Mushroom Skipping Rope  // {two} Hamburger Yo Yos   {three} 4 String Apple Ukulele by Celentano Woodworks  // {four} Billy Broccoli Stuffed Toy By Pink Olive  {five} Lunch Lines Riddle Book by Dan Signer  // {six} Cupcake Bike Bell by Annie Legroulx of Dring Dring   {seven} Ice Lollies, Honey Bake Collection  // {eight} Melissa & Doug Felt Taco & Burrito Set  // {nine} Don’t Tip The Waiter Pool & Bath Game  // {ten} Food Flash Memory Game by Food Fun  // {eleven} Food Moves Active Game by Food Fun  // {twelve} Bamba Burger App For the iPad  // {thirteen} Green Toys Cookware Set  // {fourteen} Green Toys Sandwich Shop  // {fifteen} Made To Order Popsicle Crayons by ZeeBree  // {sixteen} Wooden Sushi Play Set

Who says lunch, baking lessons or being in everyday kitchen-timing proximity has to be boring? Get those gaga-gourmets inspired with small scale tools and accessories that turn the kitchen into an everyday carnival of color and whimsy. I personally will never be able to eat regularly shaped eggs or cookies ever again…


Playful Kitchen & Cooking Finds For Kids: {one} Head Chefs Kid’s Cooking Tools  // {two} Dwell Studio EAT book  // {three} Danefae Chef Bib  // {four} Star Wars Apron  // {five} Disney’s Mickey Mouse Teflon Egg Ring   // {six} Melamine Plates Designed by Ingela Arrhenius  // {seven} Bahia Kids Apron  {eight} Spready Bear Plate  // {nine} Bambu Kid’s Bamboo Bamdino Utensil Set  // {ten} Pickle Adhesive Bandages  // {eleven} Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies Insulated Lunch Bags  // {twelve} Betty Crocker’s New Boys and Girls Cookbook   // {thirteen} I love You Cookie Stamp  // {fourteen} Robot Kitchen Timer  // {fifteen} Kotobuki Samurai Warrior Bento Set   // {sixteen} Robot Cookie Mold by Zanda Panda

Wanting to find that perfect Purina present for your four legged fur-child? Of course you do! ‘Tis the season to spoil that Spaniard and turn every canine into a culinary master. I may not own a little critter yet, but that doesn’t mean I’m not planing ahead. These gifts might be over the top, but they do take advantage of the perfect time to indulge in extravagant doggy dining, no? I thought so…

Okay! Chow…hounds!

Food Gifts & Treats For Your Pets: {one} You Bake ‘Em Dog Biscuits  // {two} McSteven’s Dog Nog Doggy Drink Mix  // {three} Chic & Sprinkles 52 Weeks of Treats E-Cookbook  // {four} Chewy’s Mini Sushi Rawhide Dog Treats  // {five} Pink Pineapple Dog Collar  // {six} Bugsy’s Box Monthly Surprise Subscription  // {seven} Banana Rope Dog Toy   // {eight} Doca Pet Dinner Bowls  // {nine} Tanner Goods Travel Bowl   // {ten} Bellomania Atrium Classic Gold Deluxe Bowls  // {eleven} Silly Squeakers Wine Bottle Toy  // {twelve} Hamburger Chew Toy  // {thirteen} Bamboo Classics Suspicious Chicken Dog Toy  {fourteen} Culinary Canine: Great Chefs Cook For Their Dogs

Are you still in a lightning sled race trying to get goodies under the tree in time? Check out my other gift ideas for Dudes & Dames! Everything is available to buy online,  but even Santa can’t double express ship in less than 24 hours so get going! While you’re at it, give yourself The Gift Of Bing and make searching in 2013 way easier on yourself. Happy Holidays!


For this post I used Bing’s image search tools to find the best gifts for every little one on your holiday list.
This post is sponsored by bing.  Opinions are always my own.