Feasting season is upon us and it’s time to run your kitchen like the tight battleship your grandma would approve of. Dull knives? Splattered party dress? Overcooked bird?! GASP! Not on my watch. If you are manning the holiday dinner duties you must be prepared with some simple, yet high quality, kitchen classics.

ProCook UK asked me to round up my top ten kitchen essentials that would help any holiday dinner throwdown to run a lot smoother. Everyone needs a few basics – think of them like the little black dress of cooking. It’s a classic, perfect for any occasion, goes with everything and with the right accessories (er, ingredients) everything comes together without a hitch.



ProCook Retro Kitchen Clock & Timer: I always feel like time is against me in the kitchen. I would fail in a heaping pile of panic attack flames if you threw me into a competitive Top Chef situation. 2 courses in 30 minutes? You’re out of your minds! One thing that does keep me sane and on track is a good ol’ fashioned kitchen timer. No more over cooked anything. Regardless of distraction. Period.

Cheeky Mini Measuring Spoons: These are my kind of measuring spoons! Wait, measuring? What is this measuring you speak of? Forget specifics like 3/4 when you can just add a smidgen.

Aubergine Covered Casserole: My first casserole dish changed my life. Baking no longer just involved a log of pre-made cookie dough. I grew up and roasting became my new mealtime bestie.

Striped Oven Glove: Unless you’re like my grandmother who can pull out scolding hot baking sheets with her awesome bare hands – you’re going to need yourself a pair of oven mits. That woman is superhuman and I accept the fact that I will never be able to hold even a hot cup of coffee without  shrieking. I’m also a slave to anything with stripes so this is clearly a win win.

Multi-Stripe Apron: Any time the hand blender is involved it results in an outfit change. No longer my friends, no longer! Get yourself a heavy duty, no frills apron and be done with it. One as utilitarian as this only gets better with shumtz stains – think of it like merit badges.

Steel Handle Mezzaluna: Could you possibly look more professional shredding herbs with a two handled, two bladed tool of magic? No, I don’t think so.

V Knife Sharpener Lite: Dull blades are actually more dangerous than sharp ones. Accident waiting to happen peeps. Keep your blades of glory on point and get ready for a chop fest…especially if you’re prepping to feed a party of eight+.

Roasting Rack: Respect your roast and give her a little extra breathing room. No one likes getting stuck to the pan, besides juice drippage and basting are in your winner circle of flavor when competing for serious gravy success.

Professional Steel Frying Pan: I’ve become somewhat of a pan snob. I need it to feel proper in my left hand for maximum righty sauté action and I prefer it to have a flat side. Hey now! You heard me…I like to pack a mountain of collards or brussles petals into this bad boy and overflow is not an option.

Lock & Fresh 5 Piece Storage Set: Leftovers? You betcha. Get ready for a turkey sammie surprise tomorrow…or in a few days. It’ll keep good if sealed up tight. These storage containers have changed my life and make transporting ingredients/soups/super messy things a  breeze.



Whew! I am ready to get this holiday feast started!! Are you feeling amped to make a holiday dinner masterpiece of your own? Get suited up and take a gander at the selection of knives, storage containers, baking dishes and pans from www.procook.co.uk. You’ll no longer have any excuse to take on dinner festivities like a champ.

Go forth with confidence and get that oven preheated already.


What’s in your Holiday Toolbox?

Let me know what else we need to stock in our drawers below.

This post was sponsored by ProCook UK. Opinions Are Always My Own.