Sure. Fine. This song has been on the billboard charts for weeks…reality: months! That doesn’t mean I’m still  not playing it full blast, eight times on repeat and dancing like no one’s looking. Because that’s what I’m doing…hard. Is there anything else that screams new year /new hustle jam like Rhianna’s Diamonds?

I think not.

It’s an anthem, a mantra, a hope and lyrical dream waiting to explode out of us. I haven’t felt the need to stand swaying with my hands in the air since… seeing No Doubt play in a garage pre-stadium tours in Ventura County.

Yeah…I went there just now.

I feel pumped about this new year and I’m taking the sparkle that’s in my eyes and pushing  that brilliance into my home with these multifaceted, diamond inspired designs.

Palms rise to the universe…let’s do this 2013!


{one} Diamond Ring Measuring Spoons // {two} Diamond Heart Tea Towel By Olive & Joy 
{three} Kate Spade Castle Peak Bud Vase // {four} Diamond Salt And Pepper Shakers Designed By Gregory Buntain  {five} Kate Spade Gem Drink Coasters // {six} Themis Mono Mobile
{seven} Diamond Light by Eric Therner // {eight} Quartz Plate // {nine} Vintage Matchbox
{ten} City Stopper Tokyo Designed By Lena Bergström // {eleven} Global Amici Diamond Bottle  {twelve} Diamond Kitchen Towels // {thirteen} Etage Rug By Studio Bijoux // {fourteen} Diamond Ring Mug // {fifteen} Porcelain Mint Diamond Designed By Signe Schjøth // {sixteen} Brass Trivet HOSHI // {seventeen} Diamond Pot Holders Designed By RedStitch