I have swooned over many-a modern kitchen photo pins highlighting exceptional iPad cabinet integration. OH! The joy of endless recipes, internet access and magazine video tutorials at your olive oil covered fingertips – without a clumsy mess?! I do not have said glamorous kitchen and have tried to make use of my precious tablet in it with lack of counter tops or the spilling of oil, water…sauces (truths: mostly wine) during many recipe creation hours. Regardless of how careful I try to be, mess happens…often. Read: Always.

No joke: Mid-meal-making fiasco styles. I am sooo not perfect {waves this adult with messy bangs and a fear of red lipstick}.

Recently I had the amazing new years fortune of winning THE QOOQ. Right!? Wowza. Holler at me first-ever kitchen touch tablet / techno tool of mess-less mealtime magic! I am so excited to give this piece of digital decadence a spin and report  the mostly pros…the teeny tiny cons…and the overall cooking thrill of having something useful and waterproof in my kitchen.

Let’s spill those ingredients all over the place and do this.



  • An Obvious First / Cleanliness & Durability: This thing is splash proof/water proof/wipe it off/don’t even worry about it/heck with these bumper pads you could probably drop it on the floor and dinner would still happen on time. Fool proof? Quite possibly, Yes.
  • Multiple Meal Consolidated Shopping List:  Not only can you change the ingredient list to a specific number of guests, you can have all the ingredients for one dinner or ten meals sent straight to your email all broken down to specific grocery departments. Highly organized and especially exceptional for my personal OCD shopping style.
  • Live Radio Steam: Sure I can airport my playlist into my living room. Maybe today I want to stream KCRW eclectic 24 while I chop my onions. At least I can theme out my tear up session…Ben Gibbard anyone? Anyone?
  • The Slide Show: Okay…some of these recipes are totally off base…or at least off my menu planing. Cue in the slideshow….hello  meals of wonder! It’s like a roulette of awesome and being a French based company, QOOQ is tossing out some super European fair that will have you scrambling for the search queue in no time.


  • Pay Per Play: I’m still a little baffled and confused as to what the credit system is all about. Granted my system came with 100 credits pre-installed…but then I saw there was a 30 day expiration that may or may not delete anything I’ve saved, downloaded or bookmarked. Time will tell on this dilemma, even the website is giving me trouble understanding how these unites are saved, borrowed, or bought. My hopes is that from months to come there will be free content to download, with a few exclusive items for pay…especially given the consumer price point. No offense, but I don’t want to invest or be limited to recipe access  after dropping $400.
  • User Interface: It’s a little lax on the up-tick. Those of us who are expecting reflexes like a minx…have patience. It will get the job done for you but you might want to slow those fingers down and then practice a little real time/real life while the results show up.


  • The Videos: Oh how we’ve all become such critics. Where these videos are by no means “bad”…they are comical. Be prepared for some seriously unintentional kitsch factor that might include: slowly rotating entree porn, awkward dead eyes or blank smiles of French chefs and music that even your grandma would find lackluster for such a display.  Take away: It’s hopelessly awesome…In the worst way.


  • I Like You!  I definitely need to spend more time with this machine. What critics have claimed would make just a fine one-off paid mobile app, THE QOOQ is actually it’s own piece of hardware amazement. Technical hiccups and the confusion of pay per play will be apparent with any of today’s latest kitchen technologies…but I’m pretty darn excited to see the journey and updates this fine kitchen tablet has in store.


What kind of tech is the most important in your kitchen?!