Dining Room Designed by Sonia Van Der Zwan

I am, by no means, a girly girl… but I do have a soft spot for lace. Not the doily under the lamp kind of lace, but more the refined adaptations. You know, where modern eclectic pairings could turn this delicate debutant into a moto jacket wearing, boba sipping trend dream queen. Kind of like this dining room up here – Holler at me gurl!

This dining room has everything going for it (valedictorian, class prez styles).

This dining room got straight into Harvard but defered a year so she could museum hop in Europe for 6 months (Also: She totally dated a dude with a scooter).

This dining room is modern, on trend…darling, while not being pretentious (You totally wish you were real friends and not just Facebook fan page friends).

In other words: Dear dining room, will you be my valentine? …I’m kinda obsessed with you.

As much as I love the idea of a lace table cloth, there’s no way I can effortlessly incorporate one into my current dining situation without having to do a complete makeover. Because, really, a makeover (and a new chandie, farm table… and a handful of shell chairs) truly sounds awesome right now. I must resist the ever-consistent makeover bee in my need to redo every single…I mean, currently lovely (yes talk yourself into it) dining area…sigh.

I’ve got to stay strong and draw the line! Oh but that lace etched counter top! I mean, come on?! In the name of self-restraint and all things lace, let’s hone in on this trim trend with just a few playful (but powerful) designs:

{one} Lace Detailed Half Apron by Commis // {two} Moooi Random Light  // {three} Vintage Cupcake Wrapers By Paper Orchid  // {four} Porcelain Tray Designed by Elizabeth Prince of Price Design UK 
(five} Present Time Vinyl Placements  // {six} Dressed  Saucer Designed by Marcel Wanders For Alessi  
{seven} Caesarstone Lace Motivo Slab (shown as counter top)   // {eight} Metal Lace Napkin Holder    
{nine} Lacework Coaster Set


Not into lace being up in your face? Perhaps you’re more of a traditional heart kinda gal?

No fear…It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ve got you covered there too…onward!