Now, I am by no means a frequent flyer of fast food…the only time you’ll spy me in a drive through is at In & Out twice a year, shamelessly hunched over an oozing animal style Double Double.

I am human after all.

I am also a pom pom waving cheerleader for clever advertising. Having worked in the game for nearly a decade, I find most marketing concepts have been rehashed countless times and lack that creative spark. I always appreciate new surprising ways that start organic brand communication and Taco Bell has been doing a pretty good job at raising some eyebrows and stirring some laughs.

When I got the opportunity to visit a stunt they were putting on in Venice Beach to promote their new Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos I took the bait and well…this happened:

I don’t think I ever expected to be presented a Doritos taco in busted van by a harp strumming Miss California. I also never thought I’d be making two brief cameos in a Taco Bell viral video. Then again, I live in Los Angeles, and there are times you go to the grocery store and find yourself picking out the ripest avocado next to Angelyne. No really, it’s happened to me… more than once.

I digress.

This taco stunt was all kinds brilliant, disturbing and completely hysterical. Bravo!

Where the taco itself was not my thing, I’m pretty sure it could moonlight as a cure-all for any/all bad decisions you might have made late at night that are in need of soaking up. I’m not judging – just truths on the magic of late night fast food.

So tell me – are you intrigued to try out this ridiculous marriage of junk food? Perhaps you’ve already indulged in the nacho cheese variety currently available? I want to know and confessions start…NOW!


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