Instagram continues to perplex me. I’m always surprised that my photos with the worst lighting during late night dinner prep are the ones that get some of the most positive responses and pleads for recipes. Sometimes a shocking amount more than any other (in my option, better looking) photos I take. I never think that the daily dinners would be of interest to you guys and clearly I am wrong – we all want attainable, easy and delicious meals.

Life’s too busy for curry pies and lobster risotto. I get it. I need quick too.

I’ve been eating A LOT of kale over the last few weeks. And by a lot, I think I clocked in at least 4 alone the past few days for either dinner or lunch (or both). I am pretty sure this has everything to do with the fact that I’ve been busy rounding up articles (and my waistline) researching  pasta and dessert for Refinery 29.

I never want to see either of those menu items in front of me again. For reals.

Salads provide me a health balance (nutritionally and mentally), but they do have the potential to feel routine, bland and even boring…so I always try to keep up at my greens game.  That being said – You asked and I’m here to Insta-feed you with this Southwestern Kale Salad.

I don’t believe in recipes for salads. I do believe in providing an ingredient blue print and let you build to your personal specs. Think of it as a pre-fab meal. One thing I’ve got to point out is the vinaigrette. It’s tart with lime, has a tiny kick and breaks down the bitterness of the kale with style. Note: those 15-25 minutes of toss time are key  to a great hearty green bowl, patience.

Check out how to make the jalapeno & cumin vinaigrette and get some other tips on how to treat your salad with respect by clicking above or giving a little link love tap  right here!


What gets you bowled over when mixing together some greens?

I want even more ideas and would love some inspiration!


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