I am one lucky lucky, let me tell you!

Over the past few years I’ve gotten some awesome surprise deliveries. Like the time 24 perfectly bubble-wrapped avocados arrived in need of a signature and a case of ol’ blue eyes showed up asking to be used in a new recipe….annnnd just recently this here “recipe in a box” sent over by Health Warrior which delivered one satisfying smoothie on demand.

I know what you’re thinking – what’s so special about a smoothie? It’s not rocket science, tho I applaud whomever invented the blender. And where I have made and drank plenty of these icy treats I’ve never (not once) thought to throw in a bar of any sort…well maybe a candy bar…into it.

Let alone Chia. I’ll be honest…it always seemed a little too healthy, like dirt or flax.

Luckily I was wrong and I’m going to drop a little health knowledge here: Did you know one bag of Chia seeds = ten pounds of salmon? I  mean that’s crazy talk omega 3 action happening up in there. I had no idea it was that powerful and I had no idea these bars were that tasty. So in they went and my day started off with a belly full of yum.

Move over protein powder, there’s a new dame in town….let’s blend!


Acai Berry Chia Bar Smoothie

1 Health Warrior Acai Berry Chia Bar – Crumbled
2-3 TBS Fresh Chopped Mint
1 Cup Almond Milk
1/2 Black Berries
1/2 Raspberries
1/4 Blueberries
1 TBS Agave
2 Cups Ice

 ——- Instructions ——-

Dump & Blend – Nothing fancy here, that’s how I roll.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Number of servings: 2
Are you a mix master? Tell me what are you mixing up in your blender!