I’m a little obsessed with this set up.

Hexagon tile work and bare wood cabinets….simple at it’s best. Perfection. I’m drooling actually and I need this look in my life pronto. Those cupboard knob cutouts!? Stop it. Just stop it with your gorgeous minimalist self. I’ve found myself going back to this image countless times and many days after pinning it and it just never fails to make my heart swoon.

Swooning like a pre-teen standing in line for her first One Direction concert.

I’m talking hard core crushing with paper cut out hearts and “I LOVE YOU” posters waving in the air. I’ve got it bad.

Luckily this slick space is a look that can easily be translated in our own kitchens by highlighting hexagon details, a sprinkle of ceramic/wood and a slight color pop of pale flowers in vintage apothecary jars. Good grief, what a dapper look…

I’ll be honest with you, It’s going to be pretty difficult for me to not take a sledge hammer to my back splash this weekend. I’m going to send you some demmo discipline as well….God help us all!

{one} Hook Tippetop 3 Wall Hooks By OYOY {two} Fresh Hydrangeas & Peonies Available At Flower Muse // {three} Vintage Apothecary Jars from Buenos Aires  // {four} Diamond Tiles designed by Tamer Nakisci  // {five} Brass Bottle Opener by Fort Standard  // {six} Shell & Wood Spoons  // {seven} Japaneses Faceted Boulder Mug  // {eight} Bell Jar Coffee Mill  //  {nine} Laser cut Hexagon wood Coasters by Bendita Indomina  // {ten} Round Cutting Board With Cutout   {eleven} Duralex Picardie Juice glass  // {twelve} Aesop Resurrection Hand Soap & Cream  // {thirteen} Ceramic & Wood Container by Vincent Van Duysen  // {fourteen} Equal Linen Tea Towel
How are you going to strip down your style?