Certain things can become mundane and feel a bit routine in life. Let’s face it we all get into ruts..Like eating the same flax seed flakes in the morning or tossing in the ol’ usual suspects into a blender. Guilty as charged. So when Silk Soy Milk asked me try out their new taste I was up for the pace change.

It felt like a surprise party for my mouth! And naturally I immediately decided to stick birthday candles into a bowl of cereal. That’s just how I guacamole.

Here’s the way I see it: Silk Soy Milk is  the straight A, water polo stud / masked super hero that shows up at any occasion and instantly turns the situation (and tea, smoothie or cereal) into an instant party.

He’s amazingly thoughtful like that (and always calls his mother).

Take a peep at  this party for your eyes and then go check out Silk’s delicious soy and almond milks and join in on the taste party too! Woop!


What are you going to spike with Silk!?


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