If you follow along on instagram, you’ve probably noticed a whole bunch of crafty business happening behind the scenes around these parts. As an independent creative, it’s pretty exciting that each week brings an array of surprise work your way. You never know what new projects you’re going to be tackling (be it recipes, local reviews or standing knee deep in Rit dye), but it’s always going to be some sort of (culinary-based) choose your own adventure.

This month, in the spirit of Father’s Day, HGTV allowed me to {literally} roll up my sleeves and create a few food-centric DIY gift ideas for dad as well as some delicious, yet easy,  recipes to keep everyone at home happy…and more importantly, fed.

Consider Father’s Day breakfast, lunch, AND dinner covered! Maybe even check off that gift list!? I  encourage you to get your D to the IY on pronto and make Pops look fresh at the grill this summer. I mean really, shouldn’t every man own his own BBQ Tool Belt? And when I say really, I mean yes.

You best believe all our DADs will be gettin’ RAD because of it – let’s roll…

Is there anything more perfect than a one-pan wonder? The only thing better would be if these one-dish meals happened more often or if we never had to see a sponge/soapy sink again. Truths.

I’ve been enjoying a Moroccan variety of this recipe for a while but decided to change things up and tip the ol’ Stetson to solute my father. We might originally be from Michigan, but this man is a Ranchero at heart. I really do hope that his retirement plan includes manning a ranch someplace in Santa Barbara because I’m ready to live that dream for him if need be. Regardless…there are olives, alpacas and old vine zins in our future (whether we own them or not).

Where I don’t necessarily  suggest serving a flaming hot cast iron skillet in bed, the idea of an individually portioned breakfast feast is both luxurious and no-frills ruggedly perfect.

Check out the Cowboy Breakfast Skillet Recipe over here!


Some have a fear working with the whole fish. They scream: The bones? The scales?! The EYE BALLS!?!??!!

People, it’s time to cool your jets and fire up your oven/grill.

Branzino is super easy to make while still delivering that special restaurant presentation to your home table. It’s an impressive meal that doesn’t require much work (as long as you make sure your fish counter guts and cleans it for you). I put together two completely different ways to handle the fish – one is a bright and light summer citrus-infused grilled salad, the other a robust slow-cooked and salt encrusted bit over savory Moroccan tagine.

Speaking of tagine – if you aren’t properly set up yet, it’s time.

Citrus Herb Branzino & Summer Radish Salad Recipe Over Here!

Salt Encrusted Whole Branzino & Vegetarian Moroccan Tagine Is Going To Be Awesome Here!

Aprons are {clearly} an extension of one’s personality and there are certainly some questionable choices out there. Can we please avoid any embarrassment in the name of gift-giving this year and hand-make a proper apron suitable for any dapper adult? It’s settled…Lets make it so.

I named this the “Bespoke” apron based on the idea to customize any utilitarian needs for the cook. Want a towel hook? done. The addition of the (obviously interweb friendly/necessary) cell phone holster- no brainer! This is one handsome denim & leather combo that will become quite the show stopper no mater what,

 Make Pops A Bespoke Apron For Cocktail, Coffee or Grill-Timing  — DIY Here!


I had one goal in mind while concocting Father’s Day gifts and it was trying to figure out how to make at least one thing that my dad would enjoy…an exceptionally hard challenge for a man who travels the world and has what seems (to me) everything he needs.

Did I mention that My dad is awesome? I think he’s quite possibly one of the most interesting men in this world, in fact he’s currently geo hunting in Hawaii, for reals. As I get older, I just appreciate the impact that family has had in my life. I continue to feel blessed having such a hard working, intelligently-creative and  prepared (alert: eagle scout) figure in my life. He’s helped shape me into the gal I am, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Mayybeee minus the few (read: one) times he scared away boys (correction:boy) at the front door and all those times he called to talk about my bank account in college. Real talk, that man gives fear-inducing REAL. TALK. And I wouldn’t be this responsible today without him.

Clearly the appropriate way to show any father your utmost appreciation is through the BBQ Tool Belt. Here’s hoping a few of these ideas might spark a summer party and unexpected enjoyment for your father/husband/dude-friend as well.

 Equip Dad With The Ultimate Grilling Accessory – The BBQ Tool Belt Over Here!


^^ Bonus Hey Yays: Check out the one and only Cuisi-Dad sporting his first edition prototype. Hee-Haw pardner – I’ll see you at the grill…and bring a vat of your infamous baked beans while you’re at it. YUM.


Can we all just give our Dad’s a big ol’ hug right now!?  Even if it’s in text form?
Emojis perfectly acceptable..in fact, encouraged.

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