For me (and most), summer is a mandatory time of year when wine should be enjoyed outdoors on the daily. Yes, I know that not all parts of the world have as mild of weather as California, but even us temperate-tamed peeps take special note when the days start getting longer and the wine is enjoyed a little bit cooler. Thankfully this time of year is also where we find ourselves laughing at countless picnics, sauce stained at BBQs and participating in all around impromptu celebrations of the season. Is there anything better? Hardly…

Wait, maybe better if I still got to partake in summer vacation with all those kiddos…Sigh.

Now, just because you might be distracted by the quandaries if jean cutoffs are really okay to wear from day to night or if that third layer of SPF is actually saving your skin, it does not mean we can forget our manners.

Never show up to a fiesta empty handed. Ever.

Where toting along a lovely bottle of wine might suffice for the occasion, you might want to also show a little extra love and care to the host by accompanying your libation with a little flair. Whether you prefer to sun yourself on a blanket with a chilled glass of Rosé or open a bottle of Malbec over a pile of old records, these unique wine gifts will have you (and your gift recipient) ready to pop that second bottle into action on the quick.


playful gifts  ::: The Corkcicle Wine Chiller // Crushed Plastic Cup Wine Cooler  // Gnome Wine Stopper  // Book Club Tote  //  Fish Corkscrew  //  Bull Corkscrew  // Wine Sippy Cup
well-designed gifts    ::: Bottle Stock Wine Wrap Papers  //  Sagaform Decanter  //  Copper Champagne Bucket  //  L’Atelier du Vin box  //  Laser Cut Leather Coasters  //  Cork Wine & Bar Pourer
summer set-up  :::  Midas Carafe & Glasses  //  Lucky Peach Magazine  //  Thom Filicia Outdoor Rug  //  Vintage Teal Serving Tray  //  Pink Peacock Garden Umbrella

LA LOCAL TIP: What could be better than enjoying a glass of wine with the sunset beating down on your summer carefree face? How about enjoying that said glass of wine on the top of a grassy knoll, beside a Frank Lloyd Wright stunner, gazing at the Hollywood sign while grubbing on some mean truck treats.

Yup, it exists!!

Wine tasting at the Barnsdall Art Park every Friday evening during the summer pretty much trumps any happy hour available in Los Angeles. I encourage those who live here, or those just passing through, to take advantage of this special summer ritual and grab up your tickets in advance (it always sells out). It’s one of the many reasons I love living where I do and most definitely the ultimate summertime wine experience that you’ve got to soak up at least once.

In fact…I’m packing up and heading over there now! Cheers friends!


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Here’s to Summer-timing with delicious wine in hand Amigos ~ Salude!