I’ve been living-up summer like a maniac these past few days. I refuse to knowledge the back-to-school advertisements on television or read any emails telling me to stock up on autumn essentials.

It’s just too soon ~ What’s with the rush!?!

Regardless of the calendar’s seasonal shift, I will most certainly continue to drink vats of ice tea, pretend I’m a tourist, and gallivant on blankets in my front yard well through September. I’m going to hold onto my early evening sunshine as long as I possibly can…well, until daylight savings steals it from me. Jerk.

Also – there will be paddle boats!

The Echo Park Lake has been closed for quite some time undergoing renovations and in it’s drained sad state of construction also went the summertime activity of paddling in circles inside of  a pac-man-esque vessel. For years I’ve wanted to escape on this urban aquatic adventure. At last maritime magic happened when equally enthusiastic out of town guests arrived with the recent re-opening of the lake.

Ahoy pure bliss!

I’ve finally set sail into this lotus flower filled water-work metropolis.

I’m free! I’m basking in all it’s sunshine glory….Wait, I’m soaking wet! I am somewhat terrified of flipping over! Why is there water inside the boat!? AH! SOS!? But yes, oh yes, I am free in the name of summer-timing!

The voyage was a success! No man overboard, no iPhone sunken treasures, just endless laughing and the perfect mini escape from the daily routine. Now that I’ve earned my captain’s stripe, this urban adventure inspired me to bring back a little nautical kitchen design back to my own dock and hopefully get you ready to set sail with some seaworthy entertaining essentials as well.

Which one of these makes you want to raise your mast!? I’m personally really needing some boat shaped pops right about now…


{one} Michael Aram Serveware Ocean Melamine Sea Urchin Serving Platter   //  {two} Mariner lamp oval Designed by Fleet  //  {three} Snap-Fit Sailboat Pop Molds  // {four} Sagaform Paper Boat Serving Bowl Set   // {five} West Elm Wave Dinner Set  // {six} Captain’s Lager Glass Set  // {seven} Brass Knot Bottle Opener  //  {eight} Jonathan Adler Sailor/Captain Mug  // {nine} Denim Anchor Napkins  // {ten} Flags Tea Towel Designed by Thomas Paul


Full speed ahead mates – Here’s to holding on to every special moment this season brings us!


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