I’ve been enjoying early evening Campari sodas on my stoop this summer.

They’re crisp, refreshing and provide a much needed cool down from the lack of climate control in my house.

When the highly hilarious Wit & Vinegar asked me to participate in #PopsicleWeek with a handful of other bloggers, I knew exactly what I was going to make…A deliciously bitter, yet extra cooling Campari Soda… in ice cube form!

I know what you’re thinking – did I just make the drink and pour it into a mold? Yeah…kinda. But I also wanted the citrus blast and aromatics of the cocktail’s decorative orange rind so I added a little zest and juice to keep things for getting overly tart.

I also got completely lost on pinterest with some serious summer-don’t-leave-me-now eye candy…

 *Above Image references can be found on pinterest

No really summer, couldn’t you just stick around for another few months? I mean, Things were just getting good and you’re all pretty and fun. Look at those pinks you’re popping! You’re the life of the party! Maybe I should just move to  Australia  for half of the year so I can enjoy your company always.

What do you say? How does the word bestie sound to you?

Sigh. Well….I’ll hold onto your color blast with Campari and hope that you decide to extend your stay.

There is by no means a need for a formal recipe here. Depending on your bitter tolerance you could alter the amount of campari and possibly even add in a little agave syrup to keep things tamer for you.

I, on the other hand, love it in it’s total temperature-dropping simplicity.


Recipe: Campari Soda Popsicle


  • 1 oz Camapri
  • 3 oz Sparkling Mineral Water
  • 1 TBS Orange Zest

For those with a little more of a sweet tooth add:

  • 1 oz of agave syrup or fresh orange juice to the mineral water


  1. Layer the following combos, allowing each layer to fully freeze before adding the next
  2. Campari &Soda
  3. Soda & Orange Zest
  4. OJ and/or syrup can be added to each layer to lessen the bitterness
  5. Freeze baby freeze!!


Are you ready? Because once it’s done being freeze time you’re  going to feel refreshed in a way only riding a flamingo cart down a tropical beach could accomplish.

Or at least, I can only imagine how refreshing riding a flamingo cart might feel…

If anything, you would just look plane awesome doing so.

Here’s to enjoying the last stretch of refreshing bevvies, bright pops of summer color and freezing all kinds of delicious things in the name of summer!


What’s chilling out in your freezer? I need some popsicle A/C relief!

PS: If you’re feeling a little more fancy in your freezing – check out these edible flower rosé pops. Now that’s a pretty party!