LivnGiv, a new startup based out of Los Angeles, has got some real feel-good going on. Basically, they are making it impossible to not give to charity…especially for those of us who love to dine out around town. They’ve created an app and partnered with a handful of exceptional LA restaurants which allow  you to simply pay your check using purchased in-app credits and donate 20% of your bill to one of several deserving causes.

I mean, you’re already eating out. Right? Why not make it extra special for someone else in need?

How easy is this set up?! One, Two, Three… Give!

You could even load up on some credits right there in the restaurant before the bill comes and wammo you’ve just donated  to charity! They don’t even charge you for the transaction. It’s honestly the easiest thing ever and makes you feel fuller on the goodness of life rather than the meal you just scarfed down.

Now that’s a meaningful meal I can get behind!

The wonderful folks at LivnGin want you to take the app on a test drive and are giving away one of you guys $100 in credits to use at one of several Los Angeles restaurant partners. I mean if you haven’t brunched at Gjelina yet, now you have no excuse…it’s just so…yum.

Here’s the giveaway deets ~ enter to win!

  • One reader guaranteed to win a $100 LivnGiv credit for any Los Angeles restaurant partner of their choice.

While you’re at it…Download the App HERE!