I know,  I’ve already told you this.  I’m still having a really difficult time prepping for my breakup with summer. One might even call it…denial. I think it mostly has to do with the mild weather and lack of any tropical escape this year. Once I’m ready to dive into the season it always seems it’s just about to slip away.

Don’t leave me yet!

We still have more popsicles to make and more stoop time to soak up unread magazines in the early evening sun. Luckily I love autumn a whole bunch too…it’s just the anticipation of shorter days that have tightened my grip.

So while we’ve still got a few weeks left to savor the solstice, let’s shower the season with stone fruit confetti and give it one heck of a going away party.

Starting with an outdoor happy hour.

Los Angeles style.

One of my all time favorite summertime activities is to visit the Barnsdall Friday Wine Tastings up in the hills of East Hollywood. I mean LOOK at this scene! It’s an urban oasis like non-other.

See that view of the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory? Gorgeous. The wine from my favorite libation supply company Silver Lake Wine!? Cheers! It’s official: everything about it is perfection. There is nothing quite like  enjoying a warm breeze on a blanket while sipping chilled wine in the shade of a Frank Lloyd Wright beauty.

Nothing, I tell you!

…That is, unless you throw in the Heirloom LA truck and a round of lasagna cupcakes into the mix.

Wait, they are parked around the corner?!

Life…is so good.


I’m feeling a little bit better already about giving summer a proper send off and for those of you who live in Los Angeles – great news – Barnsdall Friday Wine tastings are extended this year all the way through September!

This means we can all sneak in at least one last hilltop wine-scape and continue our summer denial together until that very last leaf falls from the tree.

What do you say about next week? I’ll bring the blankets.


What kind of  #SummerEventure are you going to dance out the rest of the season with?


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