Most Angelenos are fortunate enough to have a wide variety of authentic world cuisine no more than 30 minute radius from their home. A diverse food-scape is what makes this city so exciting to explore – both as a tourist and a dweller of 10+ years. Where I’ve done my fair share of Korean & Vietnamese taste testing about town, I’ve never really taken the opportunity (or known how) to dive a little deeper into Thai delicacies outside of my nearest delivery joint….which is delicious, but mostly convenient.

Recently I was able to explore a wide array of unique Thai tastes and vibrant culture at the First Annual Los Angeles Thai Food Festival. I’ve been to a lot of food events and I’ll be honest with you: this one was pretty darn impressive.

…and that has nothing to do with Curtis Stone being there. Pinky swear.

It had everything to do with  the vivid colors were not only found in each of the gorgeous dishes, but also in all the traditional clothing, entertainment and stunning surroundings.

It was like a rainbow packed kaleidoscope of whoa.

I’d say that this was one heck of a way to close out summertime and my final, might I add most delicious, #SummerEventure of them all!

These fruit carvings are blowing my X-Acto-injury-prone mind! The detail and the beauty of these edible objects was astounding and making all of us envious, fulled with thoughts of their undoubtedly perfect holiday centerpieces. Talk about some serious melon moxie!

The color. The texture. The whoa.

Bamee Yok (Jade Noodles) // Sapp Coffee Shop

This festival was a handful of food firsts for me. I’d never had Jade Noodles before and it will by no means my last! The texture was pleasantly surprising with a mix of dry nuts and spices rolled into the noodle mixture.

Also, how perfect does the color of these dishes match the woven flower art?

Swoon to the tune of gorgeous grub.

Thai Salad with beef tongue, compressed cucumber, lettuce soup and crispy tomato // Lukshon

Where the majority of the booths were serving up more traditional dishes, a few Chefs such as Sang Yoon decided to shake things up with modern technique and deconstructed sophistication.

Lettuce soup? Beef tongue?!

The things dreams are made of peeps….trust me on this one.

Chiang Mai Khao Soi (braised beef curry noodle) // Chef Jet Tila
Blue Crab and Sweet Corn Green Curry // Chef David LeFevre
Koi Tuna (Issan tuna ceviche) // Night + Market

Another first for me was discovering the wide-array of ingredients and spice used from each of Thailand’s four regions. I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite, each plate singing it’s own deliciously savory song while being served up in all of its knock out glory.

I may or may not have gone back for seconds. For research purposes, obviously.

If there is was ever a more appropriate time to turn into a carefree parasol toting fancy pants, it would be here. Not because it was a face melting 90 degrees, but because everyone needs a fringe lined hand painted umbrella in their life. From tiny tiny 5 inch  darlings to mega backyard blockers – these Thai painters were creating quite the scenic (and much needed) shade.

What a beautiful explosion of eye candy! My intrigue to explore Los Angeles Thai Town by foot has ignited! It’s amazing that so much flavor and life can come from such a small little six block area in East Hollywood.

You best believe that I will be checking out Thai New Year in April!

Will you look at these darling dancers!? Such elegance. Such brightness!!

I am officially enrolling myself into dance classes with hopes of joining the troop next year.

Wait, what do you mean no jazz hands allowed?!

Sigh, here’s to many more edible explorations for us all!


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Did you gallivant deliciously this Summer too? Share what you got up to below!


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