You may or may not have noticed that things have been a little still around these parts lately.

Okay, let’s be real… This website has been in a major food coma.

I have been in a major food coma.

Sometimes you need to hit the snooze button and think about which direction you want to start heading in.

Do you keep going down the highway? Or do you make a sharp right and off road into new territory?

…I’m seeing the need for all wheel drive in 2014.

This year (not to mention the last 3 since The Cuisinerd was born) has been full of so many new adventures, friendships and memories that wouldn’t have even been possible without your support and firm embrace in this wild west we call the digital community.

I’m incapable of typing words that truly express my gratitude for the whirl wind and incredible journey that has formed from this home base and in turn allowed me to do what I love as a full time career.

This is by no means the end.

This is by all means the beginning.

In early 2014 I will be relaunching with a new look…and a new direction.

Don’t worry – The Cuisinerd will still exist in some capacity. But for now, let it sleep off that delicious food coma and allow a fresh crop of awesome to sprout in the new year.

Change is good and I am over the moon with excitement.

In fact, I am giddy with the variety of new content that I will start sharing with you all.

I wish I could flip the switch tonight!! But change takes patience and time…besides we’ve got some serious holiday-timing to attend to over the next few weeks.

Let’s high five 2013!

Let’s blaze into January 1st with confetti cannons, bubbly drinks and ridiculous smiles.

And where it might be a little quiet here for just a little bit longer, you can always find me making noise over on Instagram. I hope you pop over and say hello.

Happy Holidays my friends! Wishing you the very best and excitement in the new year as well.

Let’s make some magic…

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