[cuisine + nerd] – noun; Slang

A term that refers to a person who avidly pursues intellectual activities, technical endeavors and other obscure interests based on and around a style or quality of cooking, or a specific set of cooking traditions and practices. Said individual may have a tendency to develop “food crushes” on anything from cooking apps, cleverly designed packaging, trendy table settings, or meals with wheels.

Also See: Food Fanatic, Design Dork, Gadget Gourmet, Gastro Geek


Kristin Guy is a Los Angeles based food & lifestyle expert with over a decade of experience working in the design and entertainment industries. With a New Media degree from UC San Diego, she has her finger on the pulse of all things social media and a love for new technology. Having spent most of her professional career working on some of the biggest brands at Disney and as a Creative Director for Warner Bros. Studios, Kristin has sharp attention to detail, great success in problem solving, the ability to manage multiple large-scale projects.

Now dedicated to creating food-centric lifestyle content full time, Kristin has partnered with brands such as, Refinery 29, Eventbrite, Houzz and Better Homes & Gardens to produce exclusive articles and photography for readers all over the world.  Author and online personality of quirky food destination, she is the go-to gal for killer recipes, of the minute restaurant recommendations, well-designed kitchen accessories and awesome food apps you should be downloading. She is a self-taught cook who knows how to create inspired meals and host the most delicious of  parties.

Kristin’s sense of humor, style and ability to forecast design trends has made her a standout in the food and lifestyle communities as a unique talent with a rapidly growing audience.

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