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Emerald Inspired Design For Your Kitchen & Table: It's So Easy Being Green

Emerald Inspired Design For Your Kitchen & Table: It’s So Easy Being Green

Who says this time of year has to be about shamrocks and rainbows?! Who says you have to dye your food weird colors in order to celebrate? That is so not happening! Spring has sprung and I want my house to look like the smell of fresh cut grass. Yes, I’m talking about green, baby!...
Pantone Pantry: Tangerine Tango

Pantone Pantry: Tangerine Tango

Oh Pantone…let me count the ways. No really, you’re everywhere. Especially in my house! I’ve got Pantone espresso cups, postcard notes, coffee mugs, an iphone case and of course my handy dandy go-to color chip pallets that I use on the daily. My word let’s not even confess the fever I have for your X-Ref...